Philadelphus. Jasmine tea

“Philadelphus. Jasmine tea” reflects the common confusion and substitution of one plant for another.
The hibiscus is called the garden jasmine. Like the real jasmine, it blooms white and has a pleasant, very similar smell. But that’s where the similarity ends.

Jasmine is a tropical plant of a different family and has a completely different leaf and flower structure. However, in most advertisements for green tea with jasmine we will see the hibiscus and not the jasmine. This is understandable – it is easier to find in the Northern Hemisphere than a quickly fading tropical flower. So the delusion multiplies and enters our consciousness as a norm. Now designers even put flowers of hibiscus instead of jasmine on tea packages. This is the “import substitution”.

An attentive viewer will find in my picture another meaning of the jasmine flower. Especially if one googles the meaning of jasmine in China…

Watercolor on paper
56x38 cm